As my 27 year old brother's caretaker - I am obliged to share his story with all of you. We have been through hell and back yet we continue to live in hope and have faith that Wes WILL be cured.

Below is a summary of histology:

Dec '10: Mass in testicle. Right Orchiectomy. Diagnosis: Torsion.

Oct '12: Stage 3 NSGCT (AFP 35,000) 22cm mass in retroperitoneum and nodules on lungs.

Nov '12: 4 x BEP (AFP 277) Nodules on lungs disappeared.

Feb '13: PC-RPLND (Majority of mass in retroperitoneum removed but residual teratoma unresected due to involvement of major vessels) IVC nicked during surgery causing bleed-out and metastasis to Liver. (AFP 18,000)

Mar '13: Diagnosed with Para-neoplastic Limbic Encephalitis (PLE).

Mar '13: 5 x TIP (AFP 30) Liver clear and no evidence of PLE.
New lesion on L2 - Bone biopsy: negative.

Jul '13: Second PC-RPLND and proposed left Nephrectomy. Residual teratoma deemed inoperable by general surgeon. Reason being mass presenting at aorta, and vena cava, and involvement of left and right renal veins/arteries as well as superior mesenteric artery. Surgery unsuccessful.

Aug '13: (AFP 52 and now 150) Wes recovering from surgery.

At this stage we are still unsuccessful in securing a surgeon (general or vascular) in our home country, South Africa, who is willing to attempt any further resection of the teratoma.

So as you can see, Wes has been through A LOT. Does anyone have any advice for us or know of any EXCELLENT surgeons who will remove teratoma in a tricky place? (attached to aorta/vena cava)

Lots of Love,