Brief my son’s situation at present and past
1. 30 years old of my son had an Orchiectomy,radical on Sep. 20, 2011 as follows;
-Diagnosis After operation: benign neoplasm of testis, 15sized round, firm LT testicular mass.
-Operated by dual incision
inguinal incision(3cm)..> cord ligation
scrotal incision(8-9cm)..> mass retrieval
Diagnosis: Mixed germ cell tumor (yorksac tumor 65%, embryonal carcinoma 5%, immature and mature teratoma 5%

2. Relapse
Diagnosis(2013-04-15): Liver & Pleural biopsy: consistent with metastatic germ cell tumor from testis
AFP: Positive
CD30: Negative
Beta-hCG: Equivocal
CD44: A few cell, Positive
CD99: Equivocal

3. Just finished 2 cycles of chemotherapy(2013-05-9), not BEP/EP but Etoposide, Cispratin and Ifostamide are used medicines. He'll have 3 cycles on coming next Friday(4/24/13) after CT scan on pleural

Q 1: My chemotherapy is selected according to the diagnosis of non-compliance with BEP/EP treatment? And then how much ratio of respond to the chemotherapy?

Q 2: Is there any other treatment options available?

Q 3: Not so much TC patients in Korea, my son could be well completely if we have an treatment in MSKCC?