I am 26 years old. After pain and discomfort in my left testicle I went into the ER on Dec 8 they immediately did an ultrasound and 20min after the doctor came back and said they found something and told me he was going to keep me in the hospital and had put me in for surgery in the morning. Right then I knew I had Testicular Cancer. The day was filled with tests, including a CAT scan which showed a 1.5cm lymph node in my abdomen. It was hinted all day that I had Testicular Cancer but no one told me 100% In the morning the specialist doctor who was doing my surgery came in to meet me. After doing a quick physical he told me straight up that I had TC and they were removing my left testicle. He also said that after reviewing my CAT scan he was almost positive it had spread but couldnt be 100% until after the pathology test and blood work after surgery which would take a week. So 2 days ago I went in to get results. He told me I have Stage II non seminoma TC. He said by beta count was 100 before the surgery and they were throwing RPLND surgery out and going to go straight for chemo. This was both good and bad news. Bad cause it was worse than what he thought but good for me because I had looked up the surgery and knew it was kind of big with some potential risks. So after our meeting I had more blood taken he expected that my beta count would go down since they had taken my testicle out but since he knew it was in my lymph nodes it wouldnt have the usual half life of two days. So I got a call yesterday from him and my beta count had actually gone up to 109 which was unusual. I asked him if this could mean it spread to somewhere else and he said yes there are things that the CAT scan cant pick up. This does not change our plan of action he said. But he would like me to start the chemo immediately. Today I meet with my oncologist to go over our chemo plan. I am a SCUBA Instructor by profession and a little worried about how this will effect my ability to dive everyday. I know that Bleomycin effects the lungs and have brought this concern to my doctors and they said that doctors here dont usually like using that anyway but to also just continue bringing that concern up. This all has been happening fast which is great waiting is the worst. The week I was just recovering and waiting for results to come back were the longest days but looking back its only been ten days since I was diagnosed and already have gotten so much done. I really like my doctors and my oncologist is the same as my mothers she had breast cancer and has recovered great after 2 1/2 years. It is still a shock but my 15 year old cousin has brain cancer and is going in for her second brain surgery soon and has never complained and still continues to dance with her squad and go to competitions so if she can go through THAT with a smile on her face I need to "sac" up and deal with this. Perspective I guess. I am always open to tips if anyone has any. I know chemo is not an easy thing and not sure if TC chemo side effects are different from breast cancer chemo after watching my mom go through it I know im in for some tough days. Thanks for listening.