Hi guys,
This sucks to have to be here, but I am so thankful there are you guys to help. I found a rice like lump on my right testicle over two months ago. I am a surgical nurse and had one of our urologist check it out. He said it was probably a little cyst on the outer testicle, and to keep an eye on it. After a month I noticed it was getting larger, so I got another opinion. I was told to not to fret, and to get into my primary doc. Another month went by and it grew even larger. It was now the size of a pea or small marble. I got the ultrasound on 12/20/12, and it showed a 13mm tumor and a 8mm internal turmor. The left was normal with a small calcification formation. I went to the urologist and he told me I needed an orchiectomy immediately. Surgery was on 12/21/12, I am posting this today, 12/26/12. I am feeling good, bruised, and numb at the incision site. All a normal recovery.

On top of all of this horrible stress, I come home today to find out that my wife is pregnant with our first child! It basically is a miracle. I am so lost, anxious, and depressed with all of this happening. I don't know why I am posting all of this, I never have done this before. I just need some help. So I am awaiting my path results, healing, and fu**ing nervous if I were to need more surgery.

I have been reading posts on here. Can you guys help me understand everyone's lingo ex..(2xbep) ext. you know what's crazy is that I work as a nurse in surgery, and have never had any health problems. I was scared out of my mind going back to surgery. I don't smoke, I exercise, no family history of cancer. I would appreciate some responses and advise.

Thanks guys, Tommy