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I have a lump

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  • I have a lump

    Ok, so I have lump. But it is near the back of the my testicle and I know there are some things back there. But one things is it is not on the other side so that worries me. I know I need to go to a docter, but what should you feel on the back of the ball?

    And if it is a lump what are they going to do? I have had biopsies before and they hurt, but they weren't on my testicle. So yeah that freaks me out.

    Another question, I don't really have any other symptoms. I do urinate often but there is no pain or anything like that. So that kind of suggest to me that it may just be an infection or something. So should there be other symptoms?
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    I'm not a doctor, nor is anybody else here, and even if we were, we wouldn't try to guess at what you're feeling back there. It may well be normal anatomy, or a harmless cyst.

    A doctor could tell you, though, so you really should make an appointment. No biopsy is done for suspected TC--the doc will just feel the lump, and if there is any reason for concern, will order an ultrasound, which is totally painless, and possibly a blood test.

    Often TC has no symptoms other than a lump or swelling (and occasionally, not even that).

    So your best bet is to go to the doctor.