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very small lump in on testicle, rough testicle also... hope its not TC

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  • very small lump in on testicle, rough testicle also... hope its not TC

    Hey I have a very small bump in my left testicle. I got to look like for 10 mins before I can find it usually, its hard and like the size of a spec, its really small but its hard. My question is, if its hard does that mean its only cancer or could a hard lump be something else? Im not real sure on the location, first I thought it was on the bottom tip, then the back, now the side,lol. I know its not moving, but I roll it around so much so im not sure where its at and its a real pain to find,lol. I know noone here can tell me what it is, im making a appointment to get it checked out asap. I also notice this testicle is a little larger then the other one and feels a little rougher in general. It seems theres rough spots on both testicles, but my left one just has more and even feels slightly harder ( maybe, not sure though). Sometimes I feel both testicles and they feel normal, then like when the conditions are right they feel diffrent. I know when the doc trys to feel for the bump he most likely wont find it, he will probably say I dont feel anything but there is this tiny tiny little bump there if you look hard enough. I have a few questions, first if it is cancer will I still have a normal sex life with the same sex drive and erection I have right now? Also when I lose a testicle is it really noticable after it heals that im lacking a testicle or does my other testicle get bigger and my sack shrink and fit it? Does it look nasty after its healed? Im only 22 so I just dont want to have a non existent sex life because of my testicle gone. Anyways sorry for all the questions, it just seems only having one testicle would suck. But anyways if anyone can help me please do, thanks

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    I also forgot to mention for the last few years at least ( maybe longer) ive been having this weird pain in certain postions. Like heres a example, I was making a campfire the other night and when I was breaking a log I put the log on the ground and lifted the other end up you know and tried to break it by putting my leg in the middle to break it. When I did that I got this weird bad pain that shoots up from above the knee that goes straight to the testicles, its just a very bad feeling,lol. I thought maybe I could have a hernia, I went through I period like a year back I know where when I picked up weights to power cling on a bar I would notice pain in my testicle area. Like when I jerk the wight up fast I notice it, ive been lifting weights now for a good 8 years. So if I had a hernia could it make a small bump on my testicle and make it rougher? Anyways I know that pains not right, I even get it doing sinple things like tossing in bed. But it seems to come and go, sometimes its bad and lately I havent noticed it except for that firelog incident. Anyways any help would help,lol. See ya


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      I just found the lump again, its on the back of the testicle. The backside, that isnt a usual spot for cancer right?


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        From what you describe I feel pretty sure you dont have tc, but you're doing the right thing getting it checked. for a list of symptoms check out this site Let us know what the doctor says.
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          thanks for the info. Im going to try to go to the doc tommorrow, hopefully I can get in that early. The lump is on the backside, almost on the side, but not on the front for sure. I can find the lump a bit easier now, it doesnt seem to be any bigger really. Yea, I will get it checked out. Do cancerous lumps usually form on the bottom backside of the testicle, or on the side of it? I heard its mostly on the front side right? Thanks


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            Well I went to the doc today and was 20 mins later so they made me reschedule the apointment for tommorrow,lol. Great, more waiting. I figure after he examines me hes not gonna find anything because it can be hard to find sometimes then he will issue a CT scan or ultrasound, I hope its on the same day though. I read that if the bump is attached to the testicle its almost always cancer, is this correct? I know my lump is attached to the testicle so this is bad news for me, if anyone could provide some insight I would be very grateful, thanks