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Hi i still dunno what 2 do

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  • Hi i still dunno what 2 do

    Hi people i'm back

    I have not seen a doctor yet becuase of such a busy month and woo i'm 13 now lol

    I'm not to sure on self exam becuase i'm not sure whats ment to be there and not

    And i think i may no how it all begin well last year when i was in year 7 this kid kept on going about smacking people really hard you know where and he had done it to me a few times very painful and this year (year8) he had done it gain a few times nd like a few weeks after that i woke up with sore testicals and stomach ache and had it for about 3 months i think it's starting to fade away the pain that is because i had no stomach aches lately and testicals are not as sore but still going to see doc cos think may found some lumps


    P.s i did post this in the ballroom as well not meaning to sorry about that