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ultrasound reveals calcification in left testicle? Can I trust that?

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  • ultrasound reveals calcification in left testicle? Can I trust that?

    Ok, well I just got done with my ultrasound and the person giving it said she didnt know what it was. She called in the radiologist and he took a look and he said looks to me like a harmless calcium deposit, calcification. Then I asked him you think it could be cancer, and he said "naw, looks harmless and benign to me". I saw the ultrasouund, the whole time nothing showed in the testicle, they were both the same size on it and it looked all clear until they reached the bump I had been feeling. It showed up as a small white circle that looked to be on the outer wall of my left testicle. The whole testicle itself didnt have anything in it, neither one did. I didnt see any masses or anything except for that small white spot on it. So what ddo you guys think, think the radiologist is someone I can trust? Thanks

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    Sounds like everything went well--Congratulations!!!--Time to put this scare behind you and start enjoying life!!!!!! DON
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      I have no reason to doubt that he's right, but...

      Did you ask how he can be so sure? Has he seen many cases of testicular cancer?
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        No, I didnt ask if he has seen alot. To me the white spot looked on the outside of the testicle, maybe on the surface. The girl giving the ultrasound said it didnt even look attached to the testicle. The radiologist acted real sure of himself, but im going to call today and get the full results. Im sure he has looked over all the images by now, he only saw that one image. But thats the only lump or mass that was found, so if he says thats ok then im in the clear. Thanks for all the help, I will let you know what the results are when I call today.


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          well I called and they said they dont have the results back yet. If it was cancer wouldnt it have shown some kind of mass in the middle of the testicle?