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    Hi all, i would like to ask what you guys think of what im about to describe, at the start of december i dicovered what appeared to be like an inflated tube on the inside of my left testicle. I followed this tube up and came to what i can descrive as a 3d 8 shape. I dont think its on the testicle as i can get my finger and thumb between it. also getting worried i checked the other testicle and found there is no "tube" but on the outer right a hard like "bb pellet" is there, its clearly not attached as it can move all over the place. When i felt the lump on the left i squeezed it and it was tender. There was one morning i woke with what seemed a pain in it but that was away at the start and now i am not woken with pain. Sorry if i have bored you guys. Thanks

    PS im 17

    PPS the left testicle seemed smaller than the right but now they are both the same size, i can tell this as i like to be "sure" im ok. Thanks
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    Sorry you were left with no response. Of course, our answer has to be, "Tell a parent, and go get it checked out." I suspect it's something far less serious than cancer, but only a doctor can tell you for certain.
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      I have something similar to you and am getting it looked over soon. From what I gather, it might be a cyst or an infection of the epidymis, but go to the doctor to be sure. You'll feel alot better. Just get it checked out.