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Vericocele Leading to Cancer

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  • Vericocele Leading to Cancer

    I am thirty and in relative good health - was diagnosed as having a vericocele after an ultrasound, prescribed anti-inflammatories and directed to wear more supportive underwear. My urologist did not sound concerned about it. I still get pain in the groin area that sometimes extends down the inside of my thighs. This pain I have had in general for the past five years including a tender right testicle. While the ultrasound revealed no growths, I am concerned that if I don't take measures to get rid of the vericocele, that it may result in cancer. Is this possible? Other than affecting sperm count, are there any other issues I should be aware of?

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    A varicocele may cause infertility, but it won't cause cancer. There's plenty of information about varicoceles out there, such as at this link.
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