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  • i need some support / advice

    Well i found a small left lump on my left testicle 2 months ago. So i go it checked about a month ago but i didn't get an ultrasound done, or any blood tests.

    But now i am worried,the lump has gotten bigger, and seems to ach a lot. So i am going to see the doctor this week for a blood test and get an ultrasound done.

    I scared and think it's tc because my mom died from breast cancer 8 years ago, and i have one undencesed testicle my risks of tc are higher

    The lump is on the left side which is the one that isn't undencessed. So if it has to removed i think i will be sterile....

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    I know how awful it is to lose your mom to cancer but tc and breast cancer are unrelated so if (big if) you have tc you did not get it genetically from your mom. You are correct that an undecended testicle puts you at a higher risk but not in the decended testicle. Your doing the right thing getting it checked out, the blood work and scans will give you a complete picture of what is wrong. Please keep us posted about your results.
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      Well i went for the ultrasound and they couldn't find anything. So i guess i am okay for the momment.


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        Glad to hear u r abs fine..dont worry. check out some real pics ..i have posted the the best visualization u wont mistake the lump with epididymis tail.


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          thanks for the links to the images very usefull!!