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  • Hey Guys, A Little Worried

    Hey lads, for about 9 months to a year now, i have noticed.. things that look just like spots on my testicles. My Friend said they were things called "hair folocles" There is one towards the top of my testicle, towards the right. After picking it it looks like it has got bigger. I was worried weather this had something to do with TC? It's hard, but i feels like its underneath the skin, not attacthed to the testicle. There are many of them, but alot smaller, hard, can be squezzed. Im just very worried, where can i go with this? Also, i checked my testicles and i cant feel anything abnormal, all i feel is both ends of each testicle there is a soft bit, think its just the testicle itself? But anyways, very worried about this, where can i go with my issue? Many Thanks, Kippa
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    What your are describing is certainly not testicular cancer. It does indeed sound like your are looking at hair folocles. If they are or become infected or you have any concerns about you genitals just go to see a urologist and he/she will fix you up.
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      phew, many thanks mate Really appriciate it