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Small lump on the top of right testical

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  • Small lump on the top of right testical

    Hi All,

    First time poster on the forums. I'm 20 years old, in good health with no family record of TC.

    A few days ago whilst doing my monthly genital check I noticed a very small lump, about 2-3mm in size at the top of my right testicle. The lump to be precise is located just in front on the epididymis, maybe as little as 1mm in front of it. I am pretty sure that the lump is attached to the testicle/very edge of the epididymis. I cannot move the base of the lump however the top of it wiggles pretty easily. There was no pain to start off with however I now have a dull ache just in my right testicle and in the lump when I touch it, this is probably due to repeatedly checking since discovering it!! The lump itself feels firm but not solid. I checked my left testicle in the same area and failed to find any lump which resembled the one I already have on the right testicle.

    Does anyone have any idea of what this lump could be?? Any info would be greatly appreciated as I am a pretty big hypochondriac . I understand the risks of TC and that no one except a doctor/urologist can give a definite diagnosis..... saying that some opinions would be good.

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    I drove myself nuts repeatedly feel it, go get and ultra sound and see a Urologist


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      As you'll see on loads of (related) posts - go and get your self ultrasounded.

      With my first TC the only obvious things I could see/feel were a slight hardening of the epididymis (that the GP thought was an infection) and a "mild" groin strain that I just lived with for maybe 6 months...

      Get yourself checked

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        First off, welcome. Second off, congratulations for being a very smart person. You are 20 and doing monthly genital checks. That's great. You are ahead of the game. Go get checked. It is a small lump, but you never know. Hopefully nothing.

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          Hi artvark.

          It's difficult to give an opinion as to what it may be, based on a description. I could try to venture some thoughts, but to be honest an opinion by given by someone who has not examined you and is not qualified is pretty useless. Just get yourself along to your GP (as you know, they should see you the same day).

          My own GP here in the UK examined me and said "I don't think you have anything to worry about". Luckily I went back and insisted on an ultrasound. The moral being that even the opinion of some who is qualified and has examined you is not always right. Make sure they send you for an ultrasound, to be certain.

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            Hi Guys,

            Thanks for all the replies, I have made an appointment with my GP for the closest possible date, sadly that isn't until next Thursday morning

            The lump itself hasn't changed at all since my original post but I am still worried out of my mind. Looking through the forums at some of the really positive/inspiring stories has helped a lot.

            In the meanwhile could anyone possibly hazard a guess as to what i should be asking my GP/explaining to him during my appointment? Also is there anyone who has/had a similar problem as I?

            Thanks again all, much appreciated!!



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              You really want to ask your GP for a ultrasound script, as that is the way to diagnose TC.
              If the US shows a solid mass, see a urologist with the slides.
              They may order labs as well.

              Try not to worry so much, as TC is rare- you may just have a cyst.
              Only a doc can tell.
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              Please see a physician for medical advice!

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