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hello new here please answer

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  • hello new here please answer

    i went to the doctor becuase i had a very small lump(smaller than a pea) i also noticed what thought to be a larger epididymis. the doctor examined me and he said there was nothing wrong, but there was obviously somthing there, as soon as he said that there was nothing wrong a wanted to just get out of there since it was already very uncomforatble. now i regret leaving instead i shouldve let him know that i still had regerts. anyway my question is, are testicular cancer lumps very notciable, can a daoctor ussalully tell by looking at it once? also do the cacerous lumps grow larger if not treated. somone please answer i dont want to go to the doctor again for the same thing.

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    I'd call you doctor back and asked why felt it was nothing. My "lump" was 5cm, so yes it was very noticable. My testicle was larger than an egg. And yes, it will grow over time if it's cancer.


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      if it grows overtime how much does it grow, and by that time is it too late, mine hasnt grown, in fact it kinda feels as if both my testicles have slighty shrunk, is this part of the symtoms of TC