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  • Sensitive lump

    Hi, Im age 22 and I will be starting med school in august. While studying for the mcat this past summer I found a small lump about 3mm in front of my right epididymis. The structure is not very hard and can be bent but is solid. The best way i can describe it is an oblong shape coming out of the testicle about 2-3mm long. I do not have this structure on my left testicle and I am not sure if that lump has always been there. I have always done testicle exams but I never really checked towards the top of the testicle that well.

    I do not have any scrotal swelling however if i examine the lump i become sensitive down there for a few days. If I stop touching it the pain goes away after a few days and doesnt come back until i examine it again. The pain is just a dull ache in the scrotum. The structure has not grown since i first recognized it back in august however this is only measured by touch.

    My sister has stage 4 melanoma and is currently not doing well and I am still under my parents insurance so I do not want to do anything that will worry them so I generally dont want to go to the docs. I have had a few moles biopsy and I had two dysplastic nevus. If there are any other questions please ask if it will help with your advice.

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    You might want a doctor's opinion rather than just my guess, but this sounds like the appendix testis, "a small solid projection of tissue on the outer surface of the testis which is a remnant of the embryologic mullerian duct."
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