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One bigger than the other?!

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  • One bigger than the other?!

    For as far as I can remember, I'm 22, I've had one ball pretty signifigantly bigger than the other. No hard bumps at all or pain. Feels like there's something soft on the back of the left one. Hasn't gotten any bigger and the other one hasn't gotten smaller. Probably been like this for about 7-8 years and I'm still sitting here punching keys. I also do seem to have stomach pain in the morning regularly but may be due to the abundunce of mexican restaurants near my house. Am I being paranoid? Thank You.

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    It sounds as though that's just the way you're made. Guidelines for performing a self-exam often note, "It is normal for a man's testicles to be different sizes, and for one to hang lower and a bit behind the other."

    If you're really concerned, or something else seems wrong or to have changed recently, I'd talk to a doctor about it. Otherwise, I don't think you need to be too worried after 7-8 years.
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