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Small lump has me worried....

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  • Small lump has me worried....

    I have this small hard lump on the right thats smaller than a grain of rice, but shape of a ball, between the epididymis and vas deferens. I know it shouldn't be there cause I cant feel the same thing on the left side. Recently during the past 4 days it has been bothering me. It's been more sensitive than usual, but only becomes uncomfortable for a couple minutes if has been touched. I've had it since I was 16 I believe and have never bothered to get it checked because it isnt on the testicle and everyone tells me it wouldnt be TC. I'm 23 now, and I am beginning to question what it is again. I used to think it was a cyst.

    Wondering if anyone could tell me for sure its not TC, or whether I should finally have it checked for piece of mind. Secondly can you go right to a urologist or do you need referal.

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    I can't imagine that it's testicular cancer if you've had it for seven years! Since it's bothering you, though, you really should talk to your doctor about it. Whether you need a referral to see a urologist depends on your health insurance plan. If it's an HMO, the answer is most likely yes. Other plan types have different rules.
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      I thought that cancerous lumps could lie dormant for years before becoming a problem. Doesnt feel so bad now, as the sensitivity is tolerable now. Booked an appointment anyway just to be on the safe side.