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Hi, I have a lump and not sure what to do

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  • Hi, I have a lump and not sure what to do

    Hi I have a lump the size of a one of those little seeds you get in grapes, I noticed it about 3 years ago and it has not changed size at all so I assumed it was not bad.
    About two years ago I noticed a second, much smaller lump next to it which has also made no changes.

    What i am concerned about is whether it is testicular cancer, both are located near to the main artery in the penis about halfway along, one is almost on it and sometimes during sex I feel like there is some pressure on it which makes it feel weird.

    The pressure thing has only been in about the last year, any ideas if it could be testicualr cancer?

    The lumps are hard which I know can be bad, but is there anything anyone can tell me or any advice to give onwhat to do. Im going to see my GP and book an apointment on thursday so I should know then, how long does the checkup take for anyone who knows as I dont like going to the doctors, least of all when its something as personel as this.

    One last thing,I have checked around but they seem to be the only lumps, but I do get aches in my groin when I lay down but I dont know if that will have anything to do with it.
    I have heard that TC can show on a blood test but I have on 18 months ago and all was fine, is it true that it can show on a blood test or is this just something that I have heard wrong.
    I have never heard of TC on the penis itself, so I thought maybe it could be something else, but anything at all people can tell me will help a lot,

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    Lumps on the penis are absolutely, positively not testicular cancer. However, it's a good idea to have them checked out.

    A routine blood test won't check for the proteins that are markers for testicular cancer.
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