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  • Hey guys

    Bascically, I found like some lumps in my balls so went to the doctors. I got scanned over and they said all was clear, but 3 years later I'm still a bit worried. Sometimes these lumps are there, sometimes they arent, but when you feel it feels as if there is quite a few and it is noticable to look at if ive had a shower or something. But like when I sit down they tend to go. I can't remember what the doctor said but he said it was a blockage or something? He said it's nothing serious but if I want the can remove it but it risks my chance of having kids.

    Now because I'm paranoid I thought I'd post. The lumps are sometimes still there, sometimes there is a pain but the doctor said when doing sports etc it may get painfull and thats normall.

    Has anyone got this or expierienced this?

    Help guys cheers.

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    Also, its not a "hard" lump.. its like squishy and on my left by the way.. it sometimes goes away for a few days.. does TC stay there and noticable all the time?


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      Three years later and you still have problems? I doubt that it would be tc but you shouldn't spend that much time uncomfortable or in fear. I would get to the doctors and have him/her give me a clear explanation of what I have and what my treatment options are. If to relieve your pain they need to do an operation that might risk your fertility you can always bank sperm. Just beacause your problem won't kill you it doesn't mean that your quality of life has to suffer.
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