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Lump on my right testicle. Could it be a varicocele?

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  • Lump on my right testicle. Could it be a varicocele?

    Hi, i'm an italian guy and i'm new on this forum. Since September i'm noticing a small, painless and hard lump on my right testicle near the epididymis. My left one is suffering from varicocele since i was 14 (now i'm 23). The right testicle is larger than the left one, but it becomes more noticeable and swelled when i stand up, and sometimes i feel a numbness in my legs. On the back of my right testicle i can feel some "spaghetti" (is this a symptom of varicocele?). In December my doc said me to try a therapy with Diosmine 500 mg for a month, and i've experienced only a little reducion of the swelling.
    What could be that lump on the top? Can varicocele lead to a lump near the epididymis?
    Thanks for any advice!!!

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    Hi Fabioli.

    Difficult to say what it is you have, but as many before you have experienced (myself included) a doctor may try antibiotics or as in your case, this Diosmine-thing (All I could find on it in a quick search was that it may work against haemorrhoids... sorry) before doing the right thing.

    And right thing to do is to get an ultrasound scan.

    If it comes out clear, you can go back to the sympoms-treatment that your doctor is presently dragging you through. I mean, you don't have a diagnose but you are beeing treated, right? Don't settle for that when there is a (if only the slightest) risk of TC.

    Let's hear what you find out.

    Best wishes
    Embryonal carcinoma, stage II,
    3 x BEP, apr - june 2005