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    Hi guys,
    some days ago i found a lump or kinda hard at the bottom of my right testicle. As i follow tht lump..its attached to a vein kinda thing probably epididymis and its attached with testi. too. same thing i find at the same spot near left testicle but its not hard there. can u guys please tell me what it can be??

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    Hi Cyborg:

    Any abnormal lump on or near the testicle needs to be evaluated by a doctor ASAP. Odd are it's nothing serious, BUT never take any chances. Have it checked out and let us know what it is.

    Best wishes,

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      thanx Jim for reply...i have got appt. with urologist on 21st Feb. ..lets see what it comes out.
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        G'day Cyborg

        Let us know what the outcome is....Hopefully nothing to worry about mate..As Fish stated odds are it's nothing serious.
        Stay in touch and let us know..


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          Hey Guys, I've had a similar experience this week and wanted to let you know how it came out. I've had a small bb sized lump on my left testicle for as long as I can remember, recently there is a smaller one to it's left, and a similar mass on my right testicle. I'm right smack dab in the risk group, white, under 30, and have an undescended testicle (repaired 20 years ago, but not fully developed due to surgery). I had my US Tuesday and have been antsy all week. Well, the doc called today and said there is nothing to be concerned about! If you have any doubts, and peace of mind is wonderful, get the US done. It literally takes 5 minutes and is the best way to determine what, if anything, is wrong. Trust me, I tried to talk myself out of it plenty of times. Just know that all hard masses aren't necessarily cancer, but should be checked out. Hopefully this eases your mind. Let us know what's going on with it. Good Luck!


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            Thanx a lot Angus !! and thanx to all ..really i m very much tension free now..going to see doc on 21st..


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              Congratulations on the clean bill of health. I'm as bad as everyone else, maybe the worst, when it involves going to the doctors. Sometimes we're so afraid of bad news that we miss the chance to be cured. As one of my new years resolutions I'm going for a physical for the first time since I was inducted into the Army in 1969.
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