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I dont think its cancer, but maybe you can help

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  • dadmo
    Undecended testicles have a greater chance of developing cancer. Just to be safe I would go to the doctors and get checked. The peace of mind is worth the trip.

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  • I dont think its cancer, but maybe you can help

    Okay when i first started puberty i used to BMX alot, well after fixing my bike one day me and some friends decided to race, well what happend was i didnt tighten a bolt right and as i was racing my tire turned but my bars stayed straight, well i went over the bars at a high speed, ... i ended up wtih a broken nose, road rash, and this lump over my hipbone..(mind you this was before my testicles dropped) Well i seen some doctores nd they just said it would go away blah blah.. as i got older, nd my balls dropped.. only my right one did.. well it didnt worrie me at first.. Later on in that year i woke up one morning to take a leak nd noticed my left one dropped.. well i felt it and it is larger, nd also softer.. you can squish it sorta.. well i havent seen a doctor yet.. nd it brings me no pain.. but it is alot larger and shows it because it is prolly the size of my pom... it still looks normal accept for the lump aboce my penis form it being large... Sometimes it isnt always there.. but then again.. niether is anything else.. when i cough, you can feel it Bulge.. i was just wondering what wrong with me.. and is it life threatening??