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Small pimple sized hard/sensitive lumps on top left testicle

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  • Small pimple sized hard/sensitive lumps on top left testicle


    Small pimple sized hard/sensitive lumps (2-3 maybe) on the top left testicle.

    I've been having a few health issues for the past 3 weeks (read "present problems" below), and just noticed these small/hard bumps on top of my left testicle while masturbating yesterday. They're difficult for me to locate, and can't been seen on the outside of the scrotum. But I can find them by feeling for sensitivity around the top of my left testicle. The dull sensitive pain I get when rubbing the bumps feels connected to my bladder area on the left side of my body.

    Note: The area on my testicle is only sensitive when squeezing, or rubbing the bumps. The dull pain almost feels like a bruise, and doesn't affect my daily activities, sitting down, etc., in any way.

    I did a Google search earlier, and read that the bumps could be early formation of cancer. Maybe I have inaccurate facts, or it's just a temporary problem. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also, please read the past and present issues I listed below, as they may be part of my symptoms.

    Lastly, if I'm having trouble locating the bumps (but feel the pain, and know they're there), how will a urologist find them? Should I demand an ultrasound if he says I'm fine?


    Past problems:
    -Prostatitis (caused by the Chlamydia). Both have been treated, and are no longer present.

    Present problems:
    -Daily left-side badder pain and gassiness. I feel much better after defecation.
    -Slightly more than regular urination (NOT like when I had prostatitis though)
    -Dry scrotum, and skin tighter than usual. (This may be because I'm currently on Accutane).
    -Testicles get cold easily (maybe not a "problem", but thought I'd mention it anyway)

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    The "present problems" at the bottom of your post don't ring any bells with respect to TC. The main issue are the bumps you've found. Your first order of business is to see a urologist and to get a script for an ultrasound. It's quite likely this is something entirely benign but, since you're concerned, allay those concerns by getting the US.
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      Thanks so much for the quick reply. I'm looking for a good urologist online right now.


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        For those interested in my diagnosis from the Urologist: I was told that the pain is the result of scrotal varices, which was likely caused by a combination of strain and infection (chlamydia and prostatitis). In my case, the varices usually cannot be seen, which is why I assumed it was cancer related. I'm also following up with a ultrasound to be sure though.


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          Good move on getting this checked. Let us know how the U/S turns out. My bet is that you don't have TC.
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