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  • Not sure what to make of this

    I'd say for the past two weeks I've had this discomforting feeling on the left side of my groin area and on top of my left testical. It is not a sharp pain, but rather this feeling you might have if say when sitting down the crotch of your pants bunches up against your scrotum. I can pinpoint a feeling just to the left of where my penis is. I'm not sure if it might just be some type of digestive problem since I usually get the same feeling when I have to poop really bad. I'm a little concerned on what it could be, and have been extra cautious ever since my room mate found a lump on him last fall, but had it checked out and turned out to be a minor cyst. I just want to know if this is at all normal or if I should have this checked out.

    I should add that I have felt no lumps or irregulaties on my testicles nor do I see any marks or rashes around my groin.

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    From the description, I wonder if it's a hernia.
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