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Lump(s) on left, Pain on the right :S - Advise plz!

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  • Lump(s) on left, Pain on the right :S - Advise plz!

    Hey all,

    On my left testie, there are 2 lumps, (on the side). One of which i have been to the doctors about (turned out to be nothing). That was about 1 year ago (roughly). During this time my right testie sometimes had a dull ache, which i also told the doctor about (he said that thats proberbly nothing, or perhaps over examination!). I am one of the worst hypercondriacts ever! worry about absolutly anything. Now in the left testie there is a second lump, below the first - which is almost identicle in size etc (except it can feel like a flap of skin!).
    I cant remember how long it has been there, but i dont think ive had it checked. (The first lump the doctor couldent find at first!, i doubt he could the second one!)
    One thing i do know that ive been twice to the doctors about the first lump?? (and the dull pain).
    Recently ive become more and more botherd about the one on the left - as far as i can tell nothing has changed in size with the first lump. The second however i have no idea! My memory is like a bucket full of holes!
    Because ive been to the doctors twice this year - simply because of my worrying, im not at all keen on going again!
    I do talk to my parents etc about this ALOT, so much so they half ignore me these days! (except: "Make an appointment with the doctor", which will jut make me even more worried!)

    What should i do?


    p.s (im 16!)