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    Hi everyone.
    I have had recurrent pain in my left testical for about 6 months now. I went to the doctor to describe the situation to him. He prescribed antibiotics. Things is I have been done with the medicine for about a week and the pain is still there. I am also having pain in my right knee when I run-usually do 8 miles a day but lately it has been rough. There has also been sharp pain in my pelvic area. Dont know if any of these are connected or not. The doctor did a testicular exam, said that he didnt think anything was wrong. I am not crazy though. This type pain is not normal. Thanks for anyone that might be able to offer assistance.

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    I suppose they might be "connected" in the sense that if you are having pain in your testicle, it might be throwing off your gait when you run so you are putting a strain on your pelvis and knee.

    You may not have TC, but something is causing that pain, and you should keep after the doc till they get to the bottom of it.