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  • Scott
    Hey, B.V, I'm sorry to hear that so many of your relatives had been affected by cancer. I'm pretty sure your doctor will confirm that what you have isn't cancer, but you do need to have it looked at.

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  • dadmo
    The fact that the lump is outside the testicle and soft is a good sign but I would still have a doctor look at it.

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  • B.V
    started a topic Do I?

    Do I?

    I am 15 and am very worried i might have TC, or something els the matter.
    In my left Testicle i have quit a big growth. It dosnt seem to be on the testicle but contected, i am not sure what it is, but it also causes my left tetical and left side of the scrotum to hang down much lower than the right. and i can feel a big soft lump comming off my left testicle and.

    Is this TC?
    In the last few months i have just had an uncle die of cancer and my nana got ammited to hospitle yesterday for cancer, and my other nana my mum and my other uncle have all had cancer in the past also.

    I dont no what to do and am worried, but am to sceared to talk to my mum or dad about it and am to affaired to go to the doctors.

    Please help