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  • need some help

    Hello, I'm 17 and not too sure if I may have TC, I have an aching pain in my left testicle, but I haven't got them hit recently or anything, I read about "blue balls" which could be a build up of sperm in my testicles, but I masturbated to try and see if that could help, but it didn't. (my testicles do not appear blue either)

    I noticed most posts people usually talk about their right testicle and swellings, but that didn't really help me.

    anyone know what is wrong?

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    Sorry for the previous posts.. clearly, the forum was visited by some less than clever individuals.

    Can you feel any lumps on the testicle? If not, it sounds like it might be an infection. It might also be a varicocele, but I would get it checked out by a doctor no matter what, just to be sure. An infection, for example, is pretty harmless but would require antibiotics to clear up.

    "Blue balls" is a very temporary problem and is mostly experienced under other circumstances. There's a page from Discovery Health explaining it here.

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