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    Hello everyone,

    I went to my doctor today because i think i have testicular cancer, before the doctor checked me out he made his mind up that i was too young to get TC and that people aged between 30-50 can only get it.

    He then checked me and said that my right testicle was swollen and that it might be a cyst, he then went on to explain what a cyst was but it did not make any sense.

    I cannot say that I have ever trusted that doctor and now i am even more scared after going to see him.

    any ideas on what my next move should be?

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    Umm im not sure if i should be talking but id go to another doctor and get a secound opion. Just in case if you feel like you need to.


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      its all good mate, any advice is greatly appreciated.


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        Although it's relatively rare, testicular cancer is the most common cancer in men ages 15-35. I'd suggest that you see a urologist and probably have an ultrasound. It could well be a cyst, but it would be better to know for sure than to keep wondering.
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