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  • Teri
    Guest replied
    Hi, Jay,

    Well, the good news is that if the "lumps" are not ON the testicle itself, it is unlikely to be anything cancerous. So you can probably relax on that point.

    However, you could have a cyst or something similar, which may or may not call for some additional treatment. I would suggest that you make an appointment with your doctor and have it checked out. You don't want pain or any other problems down the line.

    Always best to run anything unusual by the doctor. It will put your mind at ease and catch anything needing treatment early on.

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  • ebob86
    started a topic Not sure what to do

    Not sure what to do

    I am 18 years old... and i started to notice two small lumps around the testicals. Not on them, around... you can almost move it around? One causes slight discomfort... Not sure what to do... very worried. Please help.