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Rather Concertned..

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  • cyborg5021a
    It sounds like an infection @ epididymis....nothing to worry or afraid...go to doctor..and most probably he will give u some antibiotic !!

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  • unknown_teen
    started a topic Rather Concertned..

    Rather Concertned..


    A few days ago, I noticed at like, the bottom of the BACK of my testicle, there's this small.. bump. It's hardly a lump, it's just an extremely small bump, about half the dimensions of a grain of rice.. if not less; any ideas what this could be? I check my testicles reguarly, and it wasn't there a week ago; so I'm unsure and afraid. It doesn't actually hurt either; though with all the feeling I've been doing lately it is beginning to hurt - but I think that's more a result of me constantly "checking" myself every 5 minutes.

    Advice is appreciated - I'm a bit afraid to go to my doctor