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  • I'll ask anyway

    I'm about to turn 50. Yet, I still experience "blue balls". I get erect a few times but don't ejaculate, and I can feel the ache build up. When I finally ejaculate (a day or so later)the ache subsides. The problem is, it's on just the left side really. When I do an examine, I feel like there might be a mass just behind up towards the top of the testicle. It seems like it's a little heavier on that side also. I know I do need to get an ultrasound. I can't let cost stop me(no insurance), but anyway, in what neighborhood is the cost anyway?
    Thanks JT

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    Pending on where you live it can cost anywhere from 175.00 to 400.00... not that you can put a price on your health...FYI all Dr's and hospitals are willing to take payments as little as $10.00 a month.. Make an appiontment with a Urologist first and he will determine wether or not you should have the Ultrasound done.... Hope everything works out OK for you!!!!!! Good Luck and keep us posted on your results!!!!!!!!!!
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      Thank you!


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        Get Insurance!

        Please be sure to get insurance before you get the exam. The exam and any results may disqualify you from getting insurance in the future due to poor health. Get a high deductible health plan, say $2000 or so. Additionally, when you are part of an insurance plan the insurance company negotiated discounts are available to you, even when you are still in your deductible portion. To give you an idea of how huge this is, I stayed in the hospital for my orchiectomy and the bill was $19,500. The Blue Cross negotiated discount was under $3000!! Therefore, something happens to you without insurance... you foot a mucher higher bill than if no insurance. If you are concerned about high premium go with the highest deductible available through the healthplan.

        I do this for a living and believe me, you cannot afford to go without insurance!!

        try this site for individual coverage:

        Visit eHealth for personalized coverage solutions and a wide selection of plans. Finding health insurance has never been simpler.

        I checked for a 50 year old in my area and you can get a $5k deductible plan for $115 per month and I live in California. You would save probably that much on your office visit and ultrasound.


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          Well, I went back to school this last spring and I'm only working part time and living off my loan. I'm only grossing $237 a week. Should I apply for medicaid?


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            Sorry for the delayed response. Medicaid would be a good option. If you are a full time student you might also qualify for a student health plan.