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Lump found, 7 years later, no doctor called

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  • Lump found, 7 years later, no doctor called

    I'm not 18, and i'm somewhat worried about a lump i found on the upper-back of my right testicle. I found it about 6-7 years ago and i never got it checked out by a doctor. It seems to "floppy" meaning i can move it around to an extent and i can pick it up off the testicle a little if i pinch it, but it is attached to it. It's been a long time since i first found it, but i've been feeling a dull pain in it recently and lowerback pain on that side of my body(right). I'm planning to hopefully get a doctors appointment in 2 weeks when i go home from school, but could you guys let me know what you think? Thanks a lot.

    the testicle with the lump is also less firm them my other one, if that matters.

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    What you have is most likely a varicocele Nothing to be overly concerned with but your still doing the right thing by seeing a doctor.
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