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  • Worried in Texas

    Hello, I'm new to the Forum.

    About a week ago I started feeling pain coming from my testicles. I feel like I have a lump on my left testicle so I squeezed it and I felt a sharp pain and the pain lasted for awhile. I also noticed some tissue around my right testicle and I also feel what I think is a veins. The pain has gotten stronger over the last few days but as of yesterday I noticed the pain is going away and this morning I have little pain. I did squeeze the lump I have and I feel pain. A strong sharp pain. Then I feel it aching afterwards. I have also felt pain around my stomach not a sharp pain more like a light burning feeling I guess the way it feels when you have heartburn. But it's not a strong pain. When I pinch the tissue around my Right Testicle I feel no pain just some piece of tissue about half the size of my Right Testicle. I told my Brother a few days ago and I told my Mother today. I don't know when I can go to a doctor since I don't have insurance. Does anyone here know what I may have? Any help will be appreciated. I have been worrying about this a lot.

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    the best thing to do is to see the doctor. You really don't want to wait on these things. And of course, if you can, get insurance as soon as you can, even if it is a high deductible plan, you can get the discounts the insurance company negotiates with the providers extended to you. I had bilateral seminoma and really no symptoms except for an occasional dull ache and a swollen testicle, only an ultrasound showed I had tumors in both sides.

    Regarding insurance, there are a number of options depending on where you live, but go to right away and apply for a high deductible plan, you cannot afford to go without and if you apply before you go to the doctor, you can honestly admit that you do not have any medical conditions you are aware of.


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      I'm calling a Urologist office tomorrow and see how much they charge just to be seen. If I can afford it I will go if not I don't know what I can do. The pain is coming back it seems to come and go. The aching pain in my stomach has came and gone as well. My testicles are also kind of hard. Anyone know what I might have? Just by the way I described my symptoms. I'm really nervous about this and can't stop thinking about this. I looked into the insurance plans and they have really High deductibles nothing comes close for me being about to afford one.


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        Good advice from Cotoram or getting insurance immediately. Please don't delay in getting an exam, ultrasound and bloodwork by a urologist. If it is TC it is highly curable and the sooner you are diagnosed/treated the better off you'll be in the long run, mentally, physically and financially. Let us know how you do!
        Retired moderator. Husband, left I/O 16Dec2005, stage I seminoma with elevated b-HCG, no LVI, RTx15 (25Gy). All clear ever since.


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          Called the Urologist Office today was told it cost somewhere between $70 - $140 for the visit alone price depends on how much time he spends. This is not including any test he might run. I can't afford any of this. So I will just have to wait and see if I continue feeling pain. I might have to go the ER and be billed later even though more than likely they refer people to go see their docotor.


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            can you check into something in your town that might help uninsured? Maybe call the urologist back & they can refer you to someone that could help. Seems like there are social workers that could maybe help line you up with DSHS?
            Son (21) Diag 6/29/05;non-seminoma stage II;embryonal carcinoma & teratoma; right I/O 7/1; 4 X BEP; 21.5 x 19.0 x 9.5cm abdominal mass; full bilateral RPLND 11/21/05; 8-06 right arm/hand continues to heal from paralysis due to nerve injury


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              I will chip in some money say $50, anyone else in for this important visit to the urologist? I bet if you tell him you are cash paying and request a discount that the insurance companies would get, he would knock it down beyond his rack rate by probably 40%.

              Here are some additional resources on the web for insurance even if you are stretched financially:

              Leading the fight against the deadly consequences of diabetes for those affected by it through research funding, community services, education and advocacy.

              Our International Health Insurance offers you first-class health coverage in combination with comprehensive medical assistance services.

              The owner of this domain has not yet uploaded their website.

              I don't know how to attach a document or I would give you some more information....


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                More insurance information on Texas

                Here is some information off of the diabetes website:

                Leading the fight against the deadly consequences of diabetes for those affected by it through research funding, community services, education and advocacy.

                Texas Department of Insurance - (800) 252-3439
                In Texas, state law allows health insurance companies to turn people down for individual health insurance coverage based on the status of their health. In most cases, diabetes is considered an “uninsurable” condition. Even though you can be turned down for an individual policy in Texas, you can never be turned down for health insurance that is offered through an employer.

                If you are having a problem with your state-regulated health plan and you are unable to resolve it with the plan directly, file a complaint with the Department of Insurance. They may be able to provide you with assistance in reaching a conclusion.

                Texas Medicaid - (800) 448-3927
                Medicaid is available to anyone who meets income and eligibility criteria. Even if your income meets the criteria, you must fall into one of the eligibility categories in order to qualify. Contact your state Medicaid program for more information.

                Texas Health Insurance High Risk Pool - (800) 735-2986
                The Texas Health Insurance High Risk Pool is the Texas state high-risk pool. This program allows individual health insurance policies to be sold to people who might otherwise be considered “uninsurable” because of a chronic illness. Premiums may be high, and a pre-existing condition period may apply. Contact the Texas Health Insurance High Risk Pool for more information.

                Texas Children’s Health Insurance Program (TXCHIP) - State Children’s Health Insurance Program - (800) 647-6558
                The Children’s Health Insurance Program is the children’s health insurance program designed to provide coverage to children and teens up to age 19 whose families may have too great an income or assets to qualify for Medicaid, but who may not be able to afford health insurance. After qualifying, children in these programs must re-enroll every six months to remain eligible for TXCHIP. Visit the Web site to find out if you or your child meets the income guidelines.

                If you or your loved one is unable to see a physician due to the cost of care, there may be a local community health clinic in your area. These clinics generally are free to patients or require a very small fee. Find a clinic in your area.


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                  I went through a similar situation with my son. He did not have any insurance so we went to the Emergency Room. They did his Ultrasound there and when they discovered it was TC we were refered to the Urologist who has been working with him on the money aspect. In Texas the only way to get Medicaid for a young man is when and if you are approved for SSI. It has been frustrating for us but it has not stopped his treatment. We tell all of his docotors that the SSI application has been turned in and he is "Medicaid Pending". Do not let this delay any treatment, go to the ER and they will see you no mater what.


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                    Thanks for advice you all. I have talked to my Mom about going to see the Doctor. I will be calling a clinic in my area and see how they work and tell them about my situation about how I have had this pain and how I don't have much money. Perhaps I can work something out with them. I will also be calling to find out some info and see if I qualify for Medicaid. Or at least pick up a application for me to fill out and see how things go from there.

                    The pain in my testicles has started to go away. I still feel some light burning in my stomach but not as bad as I felt a week ago.