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  • im not sure?

    I’ve been having pain not in my testical but where the tube comes out just on my the left side. its been hurting for about 3 months I’ve been to a doctor but he writes it off to me being disabled I just was wondering if it is cancer or something besides cancer that is causing this pain. any suggestions ?

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    I wouldn't jump to the conclusion that just because you have pain, you might have cancer. But YOU know your body and if you are hurting where you know you shouldn't be then I would suggest getting a 2nd opinion or even a 3rd. Seems like it could be an infection or something....You do need to have some trust in the medical community but it was the 3rd doctor that ordered the ultrasound on my son that detected the cancer....
    Son (21) Diag 6/29/05;non-seminoma stage II;embryonal carcinoma & teratoma; right I/O 7/1; 4 X BEP; 21.5 x 19.0 x 9.5cm abdominal mass; full bilateral RPLND 11/21/05; 8-06 right arm/hand continues to heal from paralysis due to nerve injury