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Still Nervous and Left in Limbo by My Doctor

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  • Still Nervous and Left in Limbo by My Doctor

    Hello All,

    Here is some history on my situation.

    I’m 30 yrs old and about two weeks ago after I worked out (ran 4 miles) I noticed pain in my lower back. Once I got home, the pain spread to my left testicle. It wasn’t sharp pains, but more like I had been kick or punched there. I examined myself and found a pea shape lump. I immediately called my PCP and made an appointment. He examined me and ordered an ultrasound. The ultrasound confirmed that it was only a cyst at the body of the left epididymis (thank God). But, they also found a “couple” of calcifications (stones) seen within the parenchyma bilaterally at the testicles. What???? So my doctor sent me to an Urologist, which I saw today. He said that cyst is nothing to worry about, that is not causing my pain, and that he doesn’t want to remove it. He said it will be fine. The calcifications (stones) are what he wants to monitor. He said that there hasn’t been a lot of research done on them to say if these calcifications are or are not precursors to TC. I have found online that it is known as testicular microlithiasis or TM. He told me that they could turn cancerous, so he wants to monitor them. My next appointment is in June. So now I’m in limbo and nervous about this stones. Should I be worried? The pain still comes and goes… But, I have pain killers for the soreness... But, he said that the pain is not from my stones or cyst. He thinks I may have strained something working out… I’m still not comfortable with the diagnosis. Has anybody heard anything about this TM and how it correlates to TC?????

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    You should only worry about the calcifications to the point that you don't miss your appointment in June. From what I remember there is no firm evidence that the calcifications can turn cancerious. As for the pains, I think the doctor is probably right, you just pulled something.
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