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bump or ridge in testicles...cancer?

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  • bump or ridge in testicles...cancer?

    A month ago I felt a little firm ridge, maybe the size of a grain of rice at the bottom of my right testicle. It feels kinda like a ridge, and i sorta have the same thing on the left testicle, but on the left it is not as firm or thick/big. On the left it feels more like a little string, on the right its like a rubberband. The ridge (whatever) doesn't go around the whole testicle it seems, it is like a grain of rice, but it is very hard to discover unless my testicles are relaxed (for example in the shower). It hasn't really gotten bigger. I''m worried, maybe im overreacting, but if you do have testicular cancer and you don't find out, does it hurt or what? And if I am overreacting, what am I feeling, some said i'm feeling my anatomy. Is there any reason why my right testicle "tube/ridge/possibly a bump" is a little bigger,thicker than my left anatomy?

    Second question,
    few months back I had just masturbated, and a little while after I had a sharp pain in my right testicle. It hurt so bad it hurt to walk. Whenever it touched something it was like something was pinching it. It lasted 1-2 hours and went away and hasn't ever happened again. It was probably my second time masturbating that day, too much? Or should i be worried?

    Thanks for helping me on a sensitive subject