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Chance of False Negative w/ Utrasound?

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  • Chance of False Negative w/ Utrasound?

    Hi everyone,

    I'm 34. About five years ago I discovered a lump on my right testicle. It was quite large, and not that hard, and basically feels like a third testicle, though attached to my right one. I went to the doctor, who did a manual examination and scheduled me for an ultrasound. After the ultrasound was completed, I was told that it was just a cyst, and that nothing cancerous was detected.

    So here I am five years later, and when I feel the lump, sometimes I think it has grown slightly, but other times I'm not sure, and I don't know if I'm playing mind games with myself or if I'm rationalizing a legitimate concern. There's no pain or any of the symptoms frequently cited for T.C. Just recently I have had some problems maintaining an erection (though they start fine) but I also have problems with depression, which could explain that. Otherwise, I am in good physical health.

    How possible is it that the ultrasound gave a false negative? Five years after first noticing this lump, would any other symptoms present themselves?

    Thanks for all the great info on this site!

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    When I last went to my doctor he said I had a cyst. He said that it wouldn't go away and would stay there.


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      I would not worry about your cyst. If it would be TC 5 years ago you would be probably death by now. So it is defenetly a cyst. If you have problems with it you can also remove this by surgery.
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        I agree that it probably really is just a cyst. Have you been back for a routine physical examination recently? It sounds as though you're due for one, and I'd talk to your doctor again about it then.
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          Thanks for the input, everyone. I'll take your advice and follow up with a physical.