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4 doctors & 8 mo. later removing testical says may have cancer!

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  • 4 doctors & 8 mo. later removing testical says may have cancer!

    This is all so new to us. 8 months ago 29 year old brother became ill. He was newly divorced (wife decided she was a lesbian !) & he has unprotected sex. The very next day he feels ill , assumes he has an std. He has pain when urinating , aches in his body, pain in his scrotum.He is seen by our general practitioner who basically tells him it's all in his head. Since this time he's been in a doctors office on a weekly basis. He's been seen by 6 different proctologists/ urologists at least every other week. All basically dismissed him saying they could find nothing wrong with him all the std tests came back negative. He'd had a scope test in his penis twice and all came back clear. They had him on antibiotics since October. They basically did this because they had no idea what was wrong with him, thought it could be proctitis & as precautionary measures. He was on the antibiotics for 5 months and began feeling a knot in his rectum & sweating rectum (felt as if chaffed). In January he finds a lump in his testical, specialist tells him it's just a cyst & unless it is painful they would not remove it. After much pressure he demands further testing & proctologist orders a sonogram (one had been performed in October by a different urologist/ a real arrogant jerk). The newest sonogram reveals cancer or tumor. This happened tuesday and they've scheduled surgery Tuesday to remove the testical. He's since found a large lump on the back of his head and the doctor will not order a cat scan/ blood tests until the biopsy is performed. We are a close knit family (we all run a business together) and I've seen my strong invinsible baby brother complain on a daily basis for the last 8 months that he just wants to feel better that there are days he'd rather be dead. He is not one to complain (has actually continued working with broken bones). I am mad as hell at his doctors & pray that he has not had cancer for the past 8 months and someone dropped the ball. Any suggestions. opionions would be appreciated. Also, he did have problems at 15 with the same testical where a vein was causing him problems and they performed some type of surgery. He is also prone to cysts throughout his body ( we all are). We are all so heart sick over this. Thank you for listening. I want to find out as much as possible to deal with anything that may come. Knowledge is power.

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    I know it is frustrating but try to have patience with the medical community-they are not God and so they have to take the little pieces of the puzzle and try to fit them together for a diagnosis. On the other hand do not give up and get discouraged-get 2nd & 3rd opinions until you get answers. God Bless-
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      Sorry to hear he has had such a tough time!!! Did they actually diagnose him with TC ??? if you navigate this site and WWW.TCRC.ACOR.ORG you will find a wealth of information. If their is a particular answer you are looking for them feel free to ask.. Chances are their is one or more of our members that know the answer!!!!!
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        All they have told him is the sonogram shows the mass is cancer or a tumor. We are all so worried because he has been sick for 8 months. Our first instinct is send him in for a CAT scan & or blood work. Is it unusual for them to order it removed without these tests?


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          I don't want you to worry anymore then needed but the lumps (swollen lymph nodes) in the back of the neck can be a sign of Leukemia. See if you can nudge the doctors down that path.
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            I suspect most of these symptoms are unrelated to the probable testicular tumor. I would expect a blood test immediately, and a CT scan soon after surgery.

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              thank you for all your responses. It really helps to just get all of this off your chest.