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Pain, not sure of cause :(

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  • Pain, not sure of cause :(

    Ok here is a brief description of what I'm experiencing
    I had a quick feel of both testicals and both feel the "same" you know, round with vains, tubing, little knobly bit where the tube connects to the testical and a little squidgy bit on the opposite end (that's normal, right? since both feel like that) . (I.e., both testicals in shape and texture feel the same, except for the fact that one is at a different angle but it's always been like that)

    Here is my problem though, when I walk or sit in certain positions, they cause discomfort and even light pain.

    Sometimes I get a light pain near (above) the left hip that seems to coencide with when my testicals give me discomfort.
    My left testical hurts more when I walk or sit but doesn't cause much pain if I lightly squeeze it (not brutally squash obviously xD) but my right one causes more pain if a squeeze it but it's the one that hurts less when I walk or sit.

    Any ideas what could be the cause?
    Help would be much appreciated
    Thankyou very much!
    Is there any chance that this could be simple preasure/shock damage?, as it seems to hurt more when I'm sitting on hard surfaces like wood or plastic.

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    It sounds like you could of pulled a muscle or have the beginings of what could be a slight Hernia. Try to take it easy for a few days-no lifting,exercise etc.-- If the problem persists then you should go and see a doctor!!!!!
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