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Worried and little stressed out about this . . .

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  • Worried and little stressed out about this . . .

    Okay, I am worried that I might have TC. I just made this revelation as I was searching around the internet for what might be cauing my issues.

    Feb 23-26 I went camping.

    Feb 26 I got a cough (I have mild asthma, sitting aournd the campfire for 4 days is what I beleive triggered the cough, no surpise happens once in a while).

    Feb 26-Mar 4 cough stays same, staarts to get a little better by the 4th.

    Mar 5 wake up with what feels like a pulled muscle in my upper right ab and the ab to the right of my belly button. I was little concerned that I might appendicitis so I did not take any over the coutner paint killers to see if anything happened over the next 6-12 hours.

    Mar 6 Cough getting better. I go to my sisters to hang out, around 4 PM I feel cold/discomfort in my right groin area at the top of the crease. If facing me it would be to the left (your left) of the base of my penis. This concerned me. I had a friend who had TC at 23 and is all better. I am 33 and have done self exams probably quarterly for the last 10 years.

    Mar 7 Cough almost gone ab pain/soreness about the same, maybe a tiny bit better. But I seem very AWARE of the area I described near my penis shaft base. Not really an ache. Sometimes it feels like when you have sat on testicle or something like that.

    Mar 8-9 My cough is virtualy gone, I get it a bit if I run around liek up stairs etc. Abs feel a little better but seems as though the whole right ab area and side are a bit achey like some muscle are compensating for others. No real pain to speak of, discomfort at best.

    Mar 9 Today seems status quo maybe a little better, but I did notice a tiny bit of the dis comfort I had on the one side of the base of my penis now ont he other. Could this just be my overactive mind?

    So here I am a bit worried. The good facts are my testicles themselves have no pain at all. I could not find any bumps or lumps of any kind on them, they seem normal as does my epididymis.

    I figured I'd give until Mar 11 to see if it goes away. If not I will call my doctor on Monday and hope for the best.

    Any comments would be helpful.

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    It really doesn't sound like you have to worry to much about TC especially seeing that your not feeling any kind of lump attached to your testicle. The symptoms you describe sound more like a pulled muscle(probably from all that coughing) or maybe a slight infection.... You are doing the right thing by seeing the doctor if the problem persists for to much longer though!! Good luck and keep us posted o your results!!! DON
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      Went to the doc on Tuesday

      Most of my symptoms are gone but still have a slight discomfort if I press in my lower right ab/plevic area. Doc checked me out and sent me for an Ultrasound of my abdomen. Seemed more worried about chronic appendicitis or my gallbladder.

      The Ultrasound was yesterday and they will call me next week. They definately placed and pressed the Ultrasound wand to cause the dsicomfort. Hopefully it's nothing. Figured I'd keep you all posted.


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        All the best with your results. Sounds like you're in the clear!


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          More info and today's new find

          Well I have now had 1 abdominal ultrasound, 1 abdominal CT scan with contrast, 1 pelvic CT scan with contrast. All have found nothing. My doc is going to refer me to a gastrointernologist (sp?). About 99% of my symptoms are gone. For the most part I think I'm good.

          BUT, today when I woke up I felt a tiny tiny pain again at the base of my penis on the right hand side. (The pain went away pretty quickly) I started feeling around and found a small (bb sized) hard painless lump on what I think is the spermatic cord around or near where it enter the body. Could this be TC? What else could it be. It is NOT on the testicle or epidymus from what I can tell. Back to being a little worried. I have a doc appt on Wednesday so I'm going ask about it, but would like any opinons here.

          Oh one more thing, I did a urine sample on one of my visits and they found (I think this is what they said) some white blood cells and bacteria in the in-ofice test of it. They sent to lab and it came back fine.

          Thanks for any info again, this forum is great.


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            To be testicular cancer it must be part of the testicle. It could be a simple infection. Just have your doctor check it out.
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              Just got back from the Doctor's office

              Well, I had my Dr. take a look at the small hard lump I found on Monday that is pretty far north of my right testicle closer to the right side of my penis shaft where it is in the body. She looked at it and also checked my testicles. She said it could be a calcification on a ligament but that there was no way to know with out more tests. She made an appointment for me to see a Urologist on Friday at 2 PM. She told me not to worry, but WOW is that nearly impossible. She said the Urologist I am seeing is well known in the area (Southern CA) and is excellent. She also told me to remind him that I have not had blood work done yet.

              She was also bummed that the CT scan that was done on my pelvis did not go down far enough to show this. She said I will most likely be having either another Ultrasound (easy), or CT Scan (sucky, have to get an IV, ugh).

              I will keep you all posted on how this turns out. I sure hope it's nothing, I have a trip to Japan on May 25th. Ugh.

              Oh and , again, thanks for all the support, it means alot coming from this group.


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                Saw the PA that works for the Urologist today. Examined my lump and said it was very most likely a cyst, MAYBE a calcification and that I have probably had it a while. They took a urine sample as well. She did say that I should get an ultrasound just for my own peace of mind and IF it showed ANYTHING then they would do blood work. Making ultrasound appointment today.

                So I'm a bit relieved for now. I also have a follow up with the actual urologist June 5th regardless of ultrasound results.

                Thanks again to everyone here!
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                  I would plan on that trip to Japan. From what you posted I think you will be good to go. Try and relax, I think your fine.
                  Son Jason diagnosed 4/30/04, stage III. Right I/O 4/30/04. Graduated College 5/13/04. 4XEP 6/7/04 - 8/13/04. Full open RPLND 10/13/04. All Clear since.

                  Treated by Dr. Rakowski of Midland Park, NJ. Visited Sloan Kettering for protocol advice. RPLND done at Sloan Kettering.