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I'm a bit confused...

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  • I'm a bit confused...

    Alright, I'm 13.

    I've had a small lump about the size of this "o", on my left testical for about 4 months now. Its just below the epidemysis(im not sure how to spell it). And just yesterday I found another one on it, slightly below the first one.

    I think their just a cysts though because quite a few other people have it and i heard if you can move it, than its not cancer.

    Now, I'm also concerned about my right testcial. its bigger than my left one and has alot more fluid around it. Like in the scrotum. This fluid makes it look like it the size of a golf ball.
    I've read that an instant build up of fluid in the scrotum could be signs of cancer... but what exactly do they mean by instant. My testical just kinda developed like that. It just didnt happen over night..

    I drew a little digram to show what I'm talking about. The first one feels as if its hangin by a vein or something, and the second ones a bit closer.