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Groin Pain

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  • Scott
    I don't think you have testicular cancer, but I do think you need to talk to your doctor about your abdominal pain. A general practitioner should be fine.

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  • db92005
    started a topic Groin Pain

    Groin Pain

    K, I've had blue balls every once in a while like every guy. But in the past 2 weeks, I've got them severely 4 times, and my balls just don't hurt, up to my lower abdomen has severe pain, and lately when they're more constricted, or if I kind of role over or something, in positions which normally wouldn't hurt at all, have been painful. Sometimes the pain will last an hour or two. Anybody have any ideas? I'm thinking I should probably see a doctor, but I was just checking to see if you guys had any ideas of what it was, or if it is normal/harmless. My biggest worry is I've had a lot of health problems (completely uncorelated to this) especially in the last few years, and it's been really stressful on my family, especially my mom, and I don't want her to get too worried if it turns out to be nothing.

    I'm 18 btw, if that matters at all.

    EDIT: Wasn't sure to post here or in the teenage forum, I actually meant to post it there, but posted it here on accident.

    P.S. I don't masturbate, but as far as I know it doesn't seem like it would have an effect on this. I've masturbated a few times in the past 2 months, but before that, I hadn't done it in a year and a half.

    P.P.S. If I need to go to the doctor, do I just see a general practitioner, or is there a specific type of doctor I should see?
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