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    As I said earlier my doctor said I have a cyst in the top region. The vein area.

    Now I have noticed the past few days that the tail of the epidymis seems to have the same cyst like lump. It doesn't seem to be connected to the testical as I can get my fingers between the bottom of the testical and the lump.

    I don't have any other symptoms. Have had this lump at the bottom the last time I was examined by my doctor and he said everything was fine.

    Another cyst or something more sinister? Seeing as I can get my fingers between the testical and lump it must not be connected to the testical? Are lumps usually stuck to the surface of the testical so you wouldn't be able to get your fingers between it?

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    Will probably see how it is in a couple of weeks and then go back to the doctor.


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      Doesn't sound like TC since its not attached to the testicle. I'd go to the doc to check it out and see whats up.

      Good luck and let us know what happens.

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