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Not sure what's wrong with me

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  • Not sure what's wrong with me

    My entire scrotal area is very sensitive and I'm worried I might have TC. My symptoms are a bit different than anything I've read. First, it's hard for me to self-examine because when I do, I feel sore for the next several hours. I have felt a hard sort of pea size bump on my right testicle, but I can't always feel it. I have read it's best to self-examine after a hot shower, and I have tried and definitely can't feel the bump after doing so. I feel this bump only after ejaculation.

    Also, after having sex, I have noticed my left testicle ascends to my abdomen and stays there for some time and then descends usually after a few minutes.

    Has anyone experienced any of this? I'm going to set up an appointment because the pain and sensitivity is not going away.

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    I've done some more research and maybe this is an inguinal hernia...however, I still need to get that mysterious bump checked out as well.


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      You don't seem to have any tc symptoms but your doing the right thing getting checked out. You may be right about the hernia.
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