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  • dadmo
    It sound like you have a varicocele, check out the link

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  • positive+
    started a topic Something Found

    Something Found

    Around 6 months ago (possibly a year), I found a tiny lump on my left testicle which was barely recognisable. I felt it a couple of times but after that i couldl not locate it.
    However recently I have found this lump again I don't think it has changed in size however after examining myself a bit closer, it feels more like a veiny lump.
    It is not particularly floppy and is actually quite hard. (I am 17 by the way)
    I have told my parents and am making a doctors appointment to get it checked out.
    I have been getting an ache in my testicles but only since i found the lump. I think this is because i kept examining myself and could be caused by being a bit heavy handed but i could be wrong.
    I don't think it is a TC lump but am getting it checked out just in case.
    What do you guys think?