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2 lumps on testical

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  • Karen
    Hi florian,
    The GP that saw my husband, as well as the technician that did the ultrasound, told him he was too old for TC (he's 47). They were almost dismissive of his complaints. It was when he followed up with a urologist that the bloodwork was ordered, the US films reviewed, and the tc diagnosed. Once the GP found out he called and half apologized and wished him luck. The urologist had apparantly called him and given him quite a lesson on tc. I agree with Scott that she needs and education in this area...a doc that giggles with a patient concerned about cancer??!!! Glad the US is scheduled, please let us know how it turns out! Best wishes!

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  • Scott
    Originally posted by florian
    I asked about the possibility of testicular cancer to which she giggled and said I wasn't the right age (24), huh?
    You should make sure she knows that there is no "right age," and that testicular cancer is the most common cancer in men between the ages of 15 and 35.

    Also, see this chart for incidence data.

    While I don't doubt her diagnosis, I'm absolutely serious that you need to give her this information. It may help someone else.

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  • florian
    Hmph...where'd that post of mine go off to?

    Anyways, I saw my GP today (I managed to get in a day early) and got examined. She noted that the lymph nodes in the left side of my groin were slightly larger than the ones on the right (the aches I had), but didn't seem very concerned with the epididymal cysts (her words).

    I asked about the possibility of testicular cancer to which she giggled and said I wasn't the right age (24), huh? Anyways, my time with her was roughly 4 minutes (not long enough for a proper checkup I'd imagine), afterwards she made an appointment for me to get an ultrasound next Wednesday. my experience she's very competant and very well resepected, but today she just didn't seem all that together.

    I may go see another doctor as she also disregarded a slight swelling and ache in my "spleen area" (just below the ribs, mid-abdomen, left side).

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  • mikehatestc
    Guest replied
    Agreed. Do not try and figure it out for yourself. See your doctor who will more than likely have you do an ultrasound that same day if not the next day. I don't want to give you more worries, but if it is TC then you are hurting yourself in the long run by waiting.

    I know for a fact that by reading the internet and not actually knowing what is going on with you is more heartache than anything else. There are som many different things you will find while searching online which will only lead to frustrationa and sleepless nights.

    Do yourself a favor and get a doc. appt. right away and let us know what happens!

    Take care

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  • Karen
    Originally posted by Fish
    You really need to get those checked by a doctor, ASAP. That's the only way to know for sure if it's something serious or something minor.
    Like we've been telling florian, and are now telling you, do NOT try to diagnose this yourself and go to a urologist asap. If it is TC it is highly curable in the early stages. Please go to a urologist...both of you!

    You are wasting time worrying and diagnosing yourself on the internet. You are wasting time that could be critical. You need to see a doctor,and not 2 weeks from now.
    Last edited by Scott; 03-26-06, 07:21 PM. Reason: close quote tag

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  • florian
    lookatme, do you think we have the same problem?

    Here's what I posted on another forum.


    Let me get straight to it (and sorry for the length).


    A hard "wiggly grain of rice" that is hard to locate (it wiggles and moves when I feel around for it) and very tender and painful to the touch.

    Its very thin and a tad longer and thinner than a grain of rice...but about the same shape.

    Its located at the very top of my left testicle...weird thing is is that its within or beside a soft (and tender, but not painful) cyst-like swelling in the same area.

    The sides and front of my testicle are clear of bumps and the testicle itself is not tender...just the spot where the cyst-like lump and worm-like bump is.

    Other symptoms:

    Spermatic cord is tender.

    The effected testicle is SLIGHTLY (barely noticeable) firmer, larger and heavier than the other one.

    On and off, there is an aching throbbing feeling located mostly in my groin, outer and inner thigh, calve, behind my knee, lower back, hip, buttock, lower abdomen, and arm joints (elbow, wrist, arm-pit). These aches aren't at the same time.

    I should also add that the left leg is noticably weaker than the other one...though, I can still workout/exercise without a problem.

    Just thought I'd mention this too: the area around my pee-hole is always red and swollen slightly and it occasionally stings when I urinate. Though, I never have difficulty urinating or an I'm ruling out anything being wrong with my prostate.

    The only symptom that is almost continuous is an uncomfotable feeling around the left side of my scrotum.

    I have almost all the signs of testicular cancer...BUT, there is no lump on the front or sides of my testicle and I've read that testicular cancer does not appear on the epididymis (where these lumps are located) and if it is TC...whats the other lump?

    I forgot to post this...check the link out.

    I THINK that's what I feels exactly like that...a cyst with a tiny hard thing...

    I also forgot to mention that the little hard thing has a roundish a long-necked mushroom.

    Anyways, here's the link:

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  • Fish
    You really need to get those checked by a doctor, ASAP. That's the only way to know for sure if it's something serious or something minor.

    Best of luck,


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  • lookatme
    started a topic 2 lumps on testical

    2 lumps on testical


    A few weeks ago i had some pain in my left testical. I checked it out and found 2 lumps on it. One lump is larger and smooth and seems to be attached behind the testical but not on it. It can be moved around a little bit.

    The second one is smaller and more attached to the surface of the testical. It can be moved somewhat but not too much. It almost feels like a mushroom shape with the head closest to the testical and a bit sticking out. It is at the point where the head of the epididymis is on my other testical but feels different.

    I am very worried about this any idea what these lumps could be?