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    Hi, I'm 17 and for several months I've been worrying about whether I might have testicular cancer. There isn't really a lump on my left testicle, but more of a spongy, stringy mass from the epididymus at the testicle up the tube itself, as if there's not just one tube, but many, all tangled together. Its nearing the size of the testicle itself, but I can't really remember a time when I first noticed it, it's just been there for as long as I can remember. I'm reluctant to go to see the doctor and I keep on putting it off for any reason I can convince myself: exams etc. From what I've read it doesn't really seem similar to what people have described as symptoms - like I say there isn't a lump as such. Has anyone had any experience of anything like this, or know what it could be or what I should do? Thanks - [email protected]

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    What your describing sounds like a verococle. It's not cancer but you should still get it checked I have provided a link with some information.
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