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  • Testical tube is soar

    All right here is the situation. For the past 2 months I have notice that the top tubing part on my right testical is sore. One thing I have done in my past and still do is I have to adjust my scrodum through out the day to feel comfortable. Alot of times they hang to low and feel uncomfortable. My left testical feels fine no pain what so ever. And my right testical is not sore either but the top tubing is and the bottom part of the testical is. The top tube does feel a little lumpy and not hard but i assume that is normal. They are just very soar when i touch them. No visable lumps no discoloration. First thing im going to do is take a nice hot bath every night in hopes that will get the healing process going along with stop tuging on them even when they are hanging low. I'm hoping the tubes are just a little brused and its really nothing at all just bad habits that cause the pain. No pain or strange color in urinating , no pain in having sex, the seman sometimes is a little yellow-ish and chunky but that is only if I don't have sex in over a week or more. But that type of seman is once in a blue moon. The rest of the time its normal. Should i be worried? Do i really have to see a doctor now? Is it from tugging on my scrotum way to much and I need to stop it and the problem will go away?
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    I don't think you have anything to worry about as far as cancer goes. It might be just a simple infection or bruse, however as with any organ if it is giving you pain get it checked. Just don't be worried about cancer.
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