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How long is safe to wait??

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  • How long is safe to wait??

    I've had a dull ache in my groin for a week now and think I have found a obviously I need it checked out.

    The only problem is I have only just registered with my GP today and have to wait until next Friday (21st) until I can get a medical exam so that they can register me fully.

    Then I may have to wait up to another week to see the this too long?
    Should I demand to see one sooner? I didnt make a fuss earlier because I didn't want to explain to the receptionist that I may have TC!

    So basically how long is it safe to wait?
    I'm really worried if I leave it longer (and it is TC) then it could make things worse.

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    asap roots

    I'm in Australia so I have no idea how your medical system works?? This could be nothing to worry about but I would suggest you have this looked at as soon as possible.
    Early detection is important and the fact that you feel in yourself you may have a problem is certainly an indication to act.
    Don't wait..Do whatever is possible to set your mind at ease...Waiting is not an option!!!
    Keep us informed


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      I think you should call and tell the doctor's office about your concern. Maybe they'll get you in sooner or refer you to a urologist right away.
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